Using Control D to Block Social Media Sites

Social Media has a penchant for dominating our time and energies; find out how you can block or schedule your distractions with Control D.

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Using Control D to Block Social Media Sites

The impact of social media is undeniable; it has connected people worldwide in previously impossible ways, dominating and shaping our interactions through continuously evolving algorithms. Whether its impact has been a net positive or not is yet to be decided, but no matter what benefits there are to it, there are people who seek to reduce or ultimately end their use of social media – and Control D is here to help.

Blocking Social Media

For some people, social media is an all-or-nothing deal; to truly disconnect, they need to do so completely, or they'll just find themselves pulled back in. This might not be forever – many folks like to have a social media detox period before coming back to it.

Blocking social media with Control D couldn't be easier; you can find our list of 29 Social platforms under the “Services” section, where you can simply flip the toggle on any that you want to block, at both the website and app level.

Screenshot showing Control D UI: Services and Social
You can select the exact Social Media services you want to block from our list of 29

If you're going with the nuclear option, you can instead go to the Filters section and toggle the Social Media button to "Blocked", then chill out and enjoy your internet time completely free from distractions.

Screenshot of Control D UI: Filters and Social
Not wanting to be surgical? You can block all Social Media sites with our Filters toggle

Are you using a social media platform that isn't one of the 29? No problem! Simply create Custom Rules to block the domains you want – you can even use our Analytics feature to find out what you need to block.

Scheduling Social Media

For most people, the issue is not cutting out social media entirely but cutting down their time spent on it – we're all a little guilty of doomscrolling every now and then. That's where our powerful Scheduling feature comes in.

Screenshot of Control D UI: Scheduling
For those that struggle with the countless distractions on the internet, we present: Scheduling

With this feature, you can set specific times to block social media (or anything else you want). Do you perhaps find yourself guilty of checking Facebook notifications during work hours? With Scheduling, you can block your distractions during these hours so that you can do your best work but still get to keep in touch with everyone during your downtime.

Control D Works For Your Household

Because Control D supports multiple Devices and Profiles, you can use it to manage your entire household. Each person can have their own schedule to help avoid social media distractions or pick and choose which ones they want to specifically block.

Control D Does More

Control D is more than just a tool to help control or exclude social media in your internet journey; it's a powerful DNS service that can help curate your entire experience with our Filters and Services.

It's also a protective service, able to filter malware, phishing, and other malicious sites. We even have an AI Malware Detection feature that detects new threats in real-time, keeping you even more secure than using blocklists alone.

If that wasn't enough, Control D requires no additional software, operating through an intuitive UI in your browser. Everything, from the simple-to-follow setup process to the day-to-day managing of your DNS options, is designed to be as straightforward to understand and use as possible.

So what’s stopping you? Sign up for as little as $2 USD per month or $20 USD per year and free yourself from the death grip of social media.