It has been almost 2 weeks since the Open Beta started, and we've made a lot of progress fixing bugs and adding new functionality that was requested. Here are some new things that were added to ControlD.

New Server Locations

New points of presence were added in Dubai and Tokyo.

New Services

Support for 14 new streaming services was added. If you have further suggestions, post them here. This brings the total to 168 services.

Affiliate Counter-blocklist

Some users expressed the desired to be able to click affiliate tracking links that are usually used in emails and marketing sites. Currently, the Ads filter will block them, because these are indeed tracking links that will track your buying behavior. If you don't care about this, and want these links to work, you can allow them by clicking on the gear icon next to the Ads filter, and then enable the option on the flip side of this card.

This counter-filter is brand new, and may not cover everything just yet. If you see things that it doesn't allow, please report them on our feedback page.

Enhanced Malware Filter

Before today, our malware filter worked like any other blocklist, and prevented resolution of "bad" domains that are associated with malware. phishing, and botnets. We've made it significantly more effective by implementing IP blocklists. With the new enhanced filter, which you can enable by clicking the gear icon next to the Malware filter toggle,  we will check if the domain resolves to "bad" IP addresses from several real-time threat intelligence feeds. If so, these DNS requests will be blocked, regardless of the domain being used. This feature was requested by Pi-Hole users, but was denied by the devs for some odd reason. We decided to implement it, because it's actually a really good idea.

This is useful for parental controls. When you enable the Porn blocklist (or click on the Gear icon), you have the option to enable Safe Search. This will prevent Google, Bing, and Youtube from returning adult themed search results.

Coming Soon

We have a lot more in the pipeline, stuff that you will see shortly:

  • Overhauled mobile interface that is more performant and makes use of the screen real-estate more efficiently
  • Network status page
  • More setup tutorials
  • Additional methods of payment (Google Pay and Apple Pay)

After these things are done, we're going to begin work on the multi-profile/multi-device support which is the most requested feature by far at this point. This will allow you to use ControlD on multiple devices, and enforce different browsing profiles on some/all of them, at the same time.