Control D and Pinnacle Unite to Bring Enhanced Internet Safety and Freedom to South Africa

Learn how this partnership will revolutionize internet use in South Africa.

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Control D and Pinnacle Unite to Bring Enhanced Internet Safety and Freedom to South Africa

The South African digital landscape is set to transform thanks to Pinnacle, South Africa’s ICT leader, and Control D, a renowned innovator in DNS resolver services focused on privacy and user empowerment.

This newly formed strategic alliance aims to broaden access to cutting-edge internet tools, thereby reinforcing online safety, improving browsing experiences, and offering unmatched control over digital content for the continent's diverse internet users.

Pinnacle's distribution channels and deep market reach, combined with Control D’s revolutionary DNS solutions, are a match made in heaven. The principal goal of the alliance is to allocate resources to both individuals and businesses across Africa to secure their online activities, block undesired content, and freely access global digital resources, all while maintaining user privacy at the forefront.

What Benefits Does This Partnership Bring?

  • Unmatched Security and Privacy: Control D's devotion to safeguarding user privacy, together with advanced security measures, gives Pinnacle's customer base a safer online journey. Users gain protection against malicious threats, unwanted surveillance, and the exposure of sensitive data, ensuring peace of mind in a connected world.

  • Browsing Free from Ads: Control D's sophisticated DNS filtering technology empowers users to navigate the internet without the intrusion of ads, significantly enhancing page loading times and allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable online experience.

  • Tailored Content Controls: Users gain amplified authority over their network's accessible content. This feature is especially useful for schools and families, offering them the tools to create a protected internet environment conducive to learning and growth.

  • Global Internet Access: Control D's capability to navigate around geo-restrictions invites users to explore a vast array of content, ensuring information and services are accessible worldwide, without constraints imposed by geographic location.

  • Effortless Integration and Dependability: Integrating Control D’s DNS services into existing setups is straightforward and reliable, thanks to Pinnacle's extensive technical support and infrastructure. This seamless integration guarantees users enjoy continuous, high-quality internet access.

Quotes from Leaders

“At Control D, we are excited to partner with Pinnacle, a leader in the ICT sector, to enhance the digital experience across South Africa. This partnership is more than just combining resources; it's about creating a synergy that empowers individuals and businesses with top-tier internet safety tools and freedom of access.

“Our joint effort is focused on ensuring that every user, from large corporations to private households, can secure and control their online environments without compromising on speed or user-friendliness. We believe this collaboration will set a new standard for internet use in Africa, providing a safe, efficient, and open web experience for all.”  
Yegor Sak, Founder and CEO of Control D

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Control D, which represents a significant step forward in advancing online safety and user empowerment in South Africa. Through this partnership, we aim to provide South African individuals and businesses with the tools they need to navigate the digital world securely and confidently.

“Control D's innovative DNS services align perfectly with Pinnacle's commitment to delivering cutting-edge ICT solutions, enhancing both security and freedom for internet users across the continent. Together, we are committed to driving positive change in the digital landscape, ensuring that our customers have access to safe, seamless, and unrestricted browsing experiences.”
Fred Saayman, Brand Director for Enterprise at Pinnacle ICT

  • About Control D:

Control D stands at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in DNS resolver services designed to elevate the online safety and browsing experience for users worldwide. With a commitment to privacy, security, and flexibility, Control D is reshaping how we interact with the internet.

  • About Pinnacle:

Pinnacle is a cornerstone in the South African information and communication technology sector. Offering a wide range of IT hardware, software, and solutions, Pinnacle is dedicated to delivering forward-thinking technology solutions that cater to the varied demands of its customer base.