Beta Updates - July 2021

· 2 min read

Most of the work in the last month has been related to IPv6 deployment and multi-profile support, the work on both aspects continues and we hope to begin rolling these things out in the coming weeks. Here are some things we actually deployed in the last 4 weeks.

Network Page

You can see all the ControlD locations and the various service statuses (in real time), as well as all proxy exit locations. You can find the link in the footer of the site or just click here.

New Payment Options

You can now upgrade your account via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Chrome Browser Pay.

Improved Query Log

Query log will now show the DNS record type that was requested. This is a precursor to the IPV6 deployment.

Improve Custom Rules UI

Deleting of custom rules now all happens entirely inside the container for better UX.

Service Unlock Location Filtering

Services will soon show only the working unlock locations, to eliminate confusion. For example, BBC iPlayer can only be unlocked through UK locations, so there is little point showing all of them.

Coming Soon

There is a lot of stuff that's in progress and will be released over the coming weeks:

  • Additional POPs - We're adding additional anycast locations to our network in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Los Angles and Zurich. This will drastically improve performance in those regions. Counterintuitively, this will also improve the performance in other regions, like India.
  • IPv6 support - This includes connectivity to our website, DNS servers and transparent proxying. Once deployed, this will help resolve many edge case issues on mobile networks. This will also allow for "IPv6 only" mode, where you will be able to use IPv6 exclusively, even with websites that don't support it.
  • Multi-profile support - we expect this feature to be available in 4-6 weeks.
  • Enhanced Global Proxy - We're experimenting with a major improvement to Global Proxy feature, that will make it work with non-HTTP services like games and other non-SNI protocols. This will help avoid issues like "I turned on Global Proxy and now X isn't working".
  • Better Onboarding - The onboarding experience will be simplified further, along with detailed explanations of each section to help people understand unique features of ControlD. This will be rolled out in tandem with the multi-profile support.