Introducing Profile Lock: Empowering Users to Take Control of Their Digital Habits

Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature called Profile Lock, inspired by valuable feedback from our users through our Feedback Portal.

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At Control D, we strive to make our users' lives as easy and enjoyable as possible. We understand that everyone has unique needs and challenges when it comes to managing their digital habits. That's why we actively listen to our users and continuously work to implement features that address their concerns and enhance their experience.

Profile Lock: Taking Control to the Next Level

This recent suggestion came from a user who relied on Control D to help overcome an addiction. This user expressed the need for an additional layer of control to reinforce their commitment to breaking free from unhealthy online habits. Inspired by their story, we developed Profile Lock, a powerful new feature that provides users with an extra level of accountability.

Understanding Profile Lock

Profile Lock allows users to lock their Profiles, adding an additional safeguard against unwanted changes. It is a simple yet effective tool that provides an added layer of control for users striving to overcome addictive online behaviors or maintain a healthy browsing environment.

Using Profile Lock

To enable Profile Lock, navigate to the Profile Options section for your desired profile in the Control D web application. You can activate Profile Lock with a simple toggle, and even add a personalized message to reinforce your commitment. Once Profile Lock is enabled, any attempts to modify the profile will prompt a notification displaying your personalized message, reminding you of your goals and prompting you to not unlock the profile unless you really, really mean it.

GIF showing where to navigate to to activate profile lock
Activating Profile Lock is straightforward

Securing Your Profile

Unlocking a locked profile requires entering your password, ensuring that only you have the ability to make changes. This added security measure ensures that your intentions to maintain healthier online habits remain intact, even during moments of temptation or vulnerability.

Profile Lock: A Valuable Tool in Your Toolkit

While Profile Lock is by no means a cure-all solution, it is an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to break free from addictive behaviors or establish healthier browsing habits. At Control D, we understand that everyone's journey is unique, and Profile Lock is designed to provide an extra layer of support and encouragement.

Continued Commitment to Our Users

Profile Lock is just one example of how we actively listen to our users and strive to implement features that cater to their needs. We encourage our users to continue providing feedback through our dedicated Feedback Portal. Your insights and suggestions are instrumental in shaping the future of Control D, ensuring that we provide the best possible tools for managing your digital world.

At Control D, our mission is to provide users with the tools they need to take control of their online experiences fully. With the introduction of Profile Lock, we are taking yet another step towards empowering our users to overcome unhealthy digital habits and create a more productive and enjoyable online environment.

We are committed to continuously improving our services based on the feedback we receive, and we look forward to helping users worldwide achieve their digital well-being goals. Try Profile Lock today and unlock a world of possibilities in managing your online habits with Control D.