Phishing scams, ransomware, ID theft, and more are abundant across the great wide web, with many seeking to take advantage of anyone less able to protect themselves. For carers and IT staff working in the care industry, this means finding the right tools and strategies to protect their at-risk wards.

As part of a robust security toolkit, Control D offers an extra layer of protection for these communities through our customizable filters, curated block lists, and options for using Secure DNS resolvers, making it an invaluable tool for individuals, groups, or organizations that are responsible for at-risk members of our communities.

What is Control D?

Control D is an ultra-customizable DNS management service that can be configured by changing one setting in your browser and can filter and block websites and services with a click of a button. It allows for multiple devices with their own rulesets, has scheduling features, and, most importantly, can protect you and your network’s users from malware, phishing, and other malicious threats with our AI malware detection technology.

The Elderly

Seniors in our communities are now regularly utilizing digital communications on the internet as a means to connect with their family and friends, but many struggle to adapt to new technology and the threats that come with it.

Control D helps keep elderly people safe from phishing, malware, and other malicious websites and links thanks to our intuitive Filters, expansive Service blocklist options, and the ability to create custom rules.

We also have an AI-powered Malware filter that detects and blocks new threats as they arise in real-time, giving you the most protection against malicious actors.

Recovering Addicts

For individuals recovering from addictions, including compulsive buyers, compulsive gamblers, or those living with substance abuse problems, the internet can be a source of dangerous triggers that could easily lead them into relapse if they are not properly protected.

Utilizing our Filters, Services, and Custom Rules, Control D can help to lower the chance of relapse by actively blocking sites that specialize in supplying content or products related to addictive activities.

We have also just introduced our new Profile Lock feature specifically to help recovering addicts with impulse control – check out the announcement article here.

People with Mental Health Issues

For those living with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, the internet can be both a source of helpful advice and information and a place where they may come across triggering material without even looking for it. Social Media alone is proving to be a huge contributor to mental health issues among young people.

Many of our Filters and Services options make it easy for users to quickly block sources of anxiety and mental health triggers, including 28 different social media services. Custom Rules are also a powerful tool to create your own curated blocklists.

People with Developmental or Learning Disabilities

Having developmental or learning disabilities present additional challenges when it comes to tasks many people take for granted, like navigating websites tailored for non-disabled audiences. These tasks become increasingly difficult when malicious sites aimed at exploiting those with mental disabilities are factored in.

Like elderly members of the community, those with learning disabilities are more at risk from threats like phishing, malware, and ID theft. Control D's powerful protective filters, coupled with our new AI Malware Filter, help keep vulnerable people protected from malicious actors.

Control D For Care Workers

At Control D we understand the need for robust protection from potential risks online—so that everyone in our community can participate in digital life without fear of exploitation or harassment.

That's why many of our Filters and Services are tailored specifically for providing an extra layer of website security; we aim to empower users who are entrusting their safety with us rather than leaving them vulnerable to malicious content lurking on the web.

If you are responsible for at-risk individuals or are an IT worker in the care industry, then we encourage you to try Control D to help keep your wards safe while they browse the internet. With an intuitive browser-based interface and premium options starting at as little as $2 a month, it's an effective and affordable option. Get Control D now.