There's been a buzz in the DNS world lately: Cisco is shutting down its Umbrella Roaming Client on April 2nd, 2024. This includes support.

Considering that they’re forcing customers to integrate with the Cisco Secure Client when their Umbrella contracts are up - and with it, likely a price hike - many of you may be seeking alternatives.

If you’re one of the 30,000 current customers with an IT department scrambling to figure out what the next step is, you’re in luck! Control D can not only completely replace the Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client, but it can also be set up in a significantly quicker way than integrating into the Umbrella ecosystem. We’re talking like 10x quicker - and at a significantly lower cost as well.

If you’re a business or IT leader who’s looking for a quick and easy replacement for Umbrella Roaming Client, consider switching to Control D for a painless and straightforward DNS management solution. With our suite of customized DNS control tools, all it takes is a few clicks to gain ultimate control over your network and connected devices.

Awesome Control D Features That Make Your Life Easier

Content Filtering

  • Block entire categories like social media or pornography with the flick of a switch

AI-Powered Malware Detection

  • Our threat intelligence technology uses machine learning to constantly improve its detection and categorization of malware domains, keeping you protected from threats as they emerge in real-time

Incredibly Helpful Support

  • We offer agile and lightweight software with an equally capable support team. Customer feedback is of the utmost importance and will almost always find its way into our features at record speed

Active Development Team

  • In addition to an incredibly resourceful support team, our dev team and founders are very active on social media. If you need casual support or have a question, the dev team is ready to help!

Incredibly Easy Setup

  • Control D requires no installation and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Whether you have a fully remote squad or want to control thousands of devices in your office, Control D can be configured at scale with minimal IT support required


  • Enjoy a level of granular control over your connection that you can’t get anywhere else

Now’s Your Chance To Get A Fresh Start

Instead of being dragged kicking and screaming further into the Cisco universe, why not try Control D for free with no commitment? We’re happy to do full demos for you and/or your company and have our reps talk you through how Control D can work for you. Click the button below or send an email to to get in touch with someone and get the ball rolling.

Alternatively, if you want to skip the talking and get right to it, then it’s as simple as clicking below to sign up for our free trial and following our incredibly easy setup process to take control of your DNS.